Queen of Hearts


drawing every Wednesday night at 7 pm!


Effective  March 18, 2019

Drawings will be held every Wednesday evening. Ticket sales will end at 6:45 pm sharp.

As soon as all tickets are turned in the drawing will be conducted.

There are 54 cards in the deck, placed randomly by the manufacturer and sealed on the board.

The board is locked in a glass display case and only removed on the day of the drawing.

Tickets are one dollar each, six for five dollars, or thirty for twenty dollars.

Purchasers must write their first and last name on the ticket and a phone number where they can be contacted. Nicknames and abbreviations are not allowed. Purchasers have the option to also write on the ticket the card number they want opened in the event their ticket is drawn and they are not present. If a ticket is drawn and no card number is specified, and the purchaser is not present, then the first available number on the board will be opened.

If the ticket has more than one name, then all persons named on the ticket must be present to claim the maximum prize of 60 %.  If a group of people join together to purchase tickets, they must provide a list of the group members prior to the start of the drawing.                        

If all group members are not present, then the prize will be reduced to 50 %.

Stamping devices are allowed to be used, but LABELS and STICKERS are prohibited.

Tickets must be filled out in the VFW building, they can NOT be removed from the building.

When the drawing is conducted, only one card will be revealed each week.

If the Queen of Hearts is opened and the winner/s is present, the winner/s shall receive 60 % of the total jackpot. If the winner/s is NOT present, the prize shall be 50 % of the jackpot.

If a Joker is opened and winner present they will be awarded money based on current rules, not present they will be awarded based on current rules.

If any other Queen is opened and winner present they will be awarded based on current rules.

If an Ace is opened and winner present they will be awarded based on current rules.

 If any other card is drawn, Under Pay Structure "A" the person will roll the two YELLOW dice. The total number they roll will be multiplied by 10 to determine their winnings. Under Pay Structure "B" a ro;ll of the PINK die will determine the second multiplier. This will determine the total prize awarded to the ticket holder for that evening.                                                          

If the winner is not present, the prize will be $20.00.

Being present for the drawing is defined as being on the VFW property at the time the ticket is drawn and winners name announced.

The jackpot is progressive and will roll over each week until the Queen of Hearts is drawn, or until the prize reaches the level allowed by law. If this occurs, all sales after that time will be applied to the next game.

There is one exception to these rules as follows. If the winning ticket was purchased by a member of the VFW, and that person is not on the property as he or she is attending an official VFW function (meeting, wake, funeral etc.) then that person will be considered as present for the drawing. That person’s absence will be verified by the Post Commander or other person designated for this purpose.

Bremen Post 2791 reserves the right to modify the rules of the game in the best interest of the VFW .                  

All raffles conducted by this license are held in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth in the Raffle Ordinance of the Village of Tinley Park, section 132.30.

When required by I.R.S. law, winners must provide all information requested to complete a W2-G form.  No funds will be distributed until all of the required information is supplied.