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VFW Banquet Hall

Our VFW Hall has been awarded Best Banquet Hall in Tinley Park 3 years in a row.


150 - Guest Maximum

120 Guest from Thanksgiving till January 15th. During this time the Banquet Hall will have Christmas Decorations not limited to at least 5 Christmas Trees, Dolls, Ornaments hanging from the ceiling. Renters are not allowed to rearrange the decorations. Please plan accordingly.

Hall Rates

For current rates and other information, please call 708-743-2873

Terms and Agreements

In order to secure a date the renter must call for an appointment to sign a contract and give a deposit which will include one half (1/2) of the total hall fee plus a non refundable set-up/clean up fee. In addition, parties over 50 people require a staffing fee. The balance of the rental fees must be paid in full two weeks prior to the date of the event.

Parties over 50 people require a minimun bar tab. (Call for details)

Banquet Bar Packages

Cash Bar Option - Guests pay for their drinks when served. If your Guests' purchases do not meet the minimum tab requirement, the renter will be responsible to pay the difference.

Tab Bar Option - As Guests order their beverages, the bartender will keep a running tab in the register. At the end of the party, the renter must pay the amount of their tab in full. The renter may specify a dollar amount not to be exceded, as long as it is not less than the minimum tab requirement. When the specified amount is reached, the bartender will in form the renter and the tab can be increased or switched to the cash bar option.

Combination Cash/Tab Option - The renter may decide and designate that certain beverages will be run on a tab, and other beverages must be paid by the guests.


Example: The renter may run a tab for beer, wine, or soda; and have liquor and mixed drinks paid for by the guests. 

At the end of the party, the renter must pay the tab in full.

Open Bar Packages - All open bar packages are for four (4) hours of bar service, regardless of the length the hall was rented for. (Unless otherwise agreed upon)

Package #1 - Entitles guests to all available domestic bottled beer, house wines and well drinks.

Package #2 - Entitles guests to all available domestic bottled beer, house wines, well and premium drinks.

Package #3 - Entitles guests to any beverages we have available.

The open bar package selected is per person for guests over 21 years of age. Any guest under 21 years of age are on half (1/2) of the per person cost for the selected package.

We Offer a coffee/soda package for a flat fee. Punch is also available at a per bowl cost. The cost of these packages are not included in the minimum bar tab. It is a a separate cost.

Please remember that all beverages of any kind must be purchased and sonsumed on site at the VFW. Renters cannot bring in their own beverages.

Champagne may be available with a 2 week notice at a per bottle cost. Plastic disposable glasses commonly used for the toast are included. Champagne is not included in the minimum bar tab, it is a seperate cost. 


A map for aditional parking is available.

Catering Suggestions

Gatto's           708-444-7400          Ed and Joe's    708-532-3051

Little Joe's     708-532-2240          Winston's        708-633-7500

Polonia          815-464-8844          Rubino's          708-614-0755


In-house DJ service (when available) 

Contact Information

Banquet Manager

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